Repair & Service Hasselblad + Mamiya RZ


We Service/Repair Hasselblad "V" (500) Series AND Mamiya RZ Lenses + Film Backs

Please contact us for further information regarding the service or repair of these items

We have large stocks of new spare parts so have your equipment serviced now.


The cost of service is £55 for standard film backs  £195 for most lenses  + cost of any spare parts required & return by "Signed For" Royal Mail post.



We are able to supply many of the parts required for the "V" or 500 range of Hasselblads

Mamiya RB + RZ spare parts are also available

We are supplying excess parts obtained from Hasselblad + Mamiya over the years, many no longer available (NLA)


I suggest you send a photo of the item you require, or send us the broken part.


Authorised Hasselblad & Mamiya Factory Trained Repairer

Parts Held For Hasselblad C, CF + CFi Lenses.  Most Parts Available for Bodies + New & Old Film Backs

RB & RZ Mamiya Parts In Stock

We Have Recently Added To Our Stock Of Hasselblad Parts & May Have The Previously No Longer Available Part (NLA) You Required For Your Camera Repair


Remember Hasselblad 500 Series & Mamiya RZ Equipment is Still Available For The PRO To Use, Either Digitally OR With Film, At Reasonable Prices Giving TOP Results

Please Call 07973 528999

Mamiya Repair


Hasselblad Repair